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Will COSMOS Maintain Consistent Prices in the long term?


With the unfortunate events of May many of the top tokens have been licking their wounds, however, while some are trying to take a more steady healing approach, others have found this as a time to spearhead certain issues with their ecosystems. One of these tokens is ATOM, of the COSMOS blockchain. 

Due to the token’s bull run on May 20th, ATOM was able to exceed its $11.11 to $12, but has since settled at $11.11, a cause for relief for the members of the Cosmos ecosystem. 

The token’s volume also increased since its 100% spike on the 20th. Apart from the  slight dip, the volume has maintained a $545 million value. Prolonged observation suggests that this is still 1/3rd of the volume at the peak of the crash. May 12th saw the Cosmos volume tip $1.59 billion which had already been happening since before the spike on May 20th

Cosmos Founder Ethan Buchman had this to say about the Terra Collapse in relation to its other chains, “Terra put Cosmos through the ringer.” He also noted that the sovereignty of the chains on the Cosmos ecosystem is what kept the blockchain relatively unaltered during and  after the Terra Collapse. 

“If one fails, others are unaffected,” Said Buchman.

ATOM’s RSI signaled a consolidation period as the value of the token dropped to 50. The spike saw that value go up to 60, but came back down to its neutral zone. 

Is Cosmos Expanding in the Crypto universe?

Thyborg tweeted about Cosmos’s latest upgrade, Interchain security. “Interchain security will be the most significant upgrade since IBC last year,” said Thyborg.  He also suggests that new crypto projects will “ at least consider” starting Cosmos chains. 

Among these announcements, he praises Cosmos as the “world leader in interoperable smart contract block chain.” Security measures on the Interchain security system will be secured by the Cosmos market cap. This should help- to alleviate concern during a time when increased scrutiny lingers of blockchain security.

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