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Latest Crypto News

Crypto Funds Hit New Low Since July 2021

Digital asset fund outflows reached $141 million last week, ending on May 20th. This caused the total AUM by Institutional funds down to $38...

Core Ethereum developer notes expected changes after merger

Core Ethereum developer, Tim Beiko outlined a set of suggestions and expectations for the upcoming merge for the app and protocol devs on  Ethereum.  He...

Bulls in an interesting risk-reward situation with Bitcoin’s Current setup.

Bitcoin (BTC) chart formed a symmetrical triangle, holding a range from $28,900- $30,900. With a pattern that has held for two weeks and could...

Coins that could Make you a Millionaire in 202: Pacman Frog (PAC), Aave (AAVE), and Algorand (ALGO)

Coins that could Make you a Millionaire in 202: Pacman Frog (PAC), Aave (AAVE), and Algorand (ALGO) There are three coins predicted to make you...

Tezos block chain launches  £1million fund for NFTs by African and Asian Creators

The first black photographer to shoot a British Vogue cover, Misan Harriman was entrusted with the collection. The Tezos Foundation announced its commitment of...

Will COSMOS Maintain Consistent Prices in the long term?

With the unfortunate events of May many of the top tokens have been licking their wounds, however, while some are trying to take a...

Cosmos (ATOM), Quitriam Finance (QTM), and Solana (SOL) Must Have Cryptos

Out of all of the popular markets none have had more attention than blockchain technology. Its promise has only strengthened in the last decade,...

Cardano accelerator program Genius X ISPO nets $105 million in ADA

Cardano accelerator program Genius X has made more than $105 million in ADA to its ISPO. 

Why is Ethereum used for NFTs

Many NFTs utilize the Ethereum blockchain at a higher level. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency, however, its blockchain is able to facilitate NFTs which store additional information that allows them to function differently from digital currencies.