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Latest Crypto News

Ethereum Co-founder thinks the public ‘underrates’ the potential of crypto payments

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin thinks that payments made with cryptocurrencies are a valuable asset to businesses internationally.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance advances in smart contract security

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance published a smart contract security audit which will ensure a consistent level of smart contract security.

BTC Whales combat sellers at $22.3k amid disparity of Euro and USD

Bitcoin is in an uphill battle seemingly as it struggles to make its return despite uncertainty in European commodities driving the euro below parity with USD.

Solana wallet app seeks to combat spam NFTs sent by scammers

The Solana-based wallet app, Phantom, recently launched a burn feature whose aim is set towards giving users the ability to remove spam NFTs sent to them by scammers. 

Bitcoin hold supply highest since 2021 amid 5 year BTC hold record

Much of the BTC supply is being kept in the wallets of those who own less or more than one BTC driving up the new 5-year hold record. 

Ethereum Foundation says Merge will not reduce gas fees

Expected to reduce the network’s energy consumption by 99.5%, the Merge is one of the most highly anticipated upgrades. However, news from the Ethereum Foundation says that the upgrade will not reduce transaction costs.

Bitcoin pulling up to major resistance at $24.5k, looming concerns of retracement imminent

Bitcoin (BTC) has seemingly met it matched at a resistance range on the day while concerns over a retracement are growing. 

Bitcoin hits multiday low, stocks signaling overbought conditions.

US equities is faced with major resistance, bringing with it its own problems for crypto as the two biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have lost $24,000 and $2,000 on the day respectively.

A Brazilian brokerage XP Inc Launches Crypto Exchange

A brokerage giant in Brazil, XP Inc is the latest in Brazilian fintech offering crypto trading. Following both Nubank and MercadoLibre, XP Inc has launched its crypto trading platform called XTAGE.

Ethereum whales increased transaction at 2 month high during Goerli merger

Ethereum whales increased transaction at 2 month high during Goerli merger

TVL of Optimism spikes up nearly 300% just in time for Merge

Within only a matter of weeks, the Ethereum scaling solution known as Optimism has broken $1 billion in total value.

Bitcoin.com introduces new DeFi services and exchange for users

An executive at Bitcoin.com, Corbin Fraser announced plans to release a prepaid debit card that rewards its users with crypto.