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Nigeria Launches Crypto Initiative IP Exchange and wallet, Partnered with Algorand


Nigeria has signed a 3 year IPR agreement with Developing Africa Group to launch a wallet that will enable  international commercialization of all IPs created and registered within the country. 

The IPR agreement grants Developing Africa Group to create the country’s official platform so its people will be able to upload IP form rights.  They will then be able to sell trade and exchange them internationally while collecting royalties from their wallets. 

IP forms  may include trademarks, patents and copyrights. The Developing Africa Group chose Koibanx alon with the Government’s approval. Koibanx is currently the leading Latin American asset tokenization and Blockchain financial infrastructure company. It will be responsible for establishing the wallet and tokens for the IP and stable token. The stable coin will be equivalent to the Naira in order to pay the creators as well as integrate other vendors. 

Koibanx and Algorand synergy has already extended to many other South American countries, setting the precedent for the launch of this platform in Nigeria. 

“What the Developing Africa Group has achieved is truly amazing. The Nigerian IPR Wallet is probably the largest crypto project world-wide. When we took El Salvador´s challenge (Koibanx also managed Chivo´s Lightning Network implementation) we impacted the life of millions of citizens, after this experience we embarked on the Colombian government platform handling tens of millions…I believe this initiative could change the life of +50M people easily. Since we launched Koibanx back in 2015 we were convinced Blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies were the foundational building blocks for economic development in emerging markets, being able to have an active part in how is happening is definitely a privilege,” commented Leo Elduayen, Koibanx´s CEO.

It was known since the beginning of  crypto that emerging markets would adopt crypto and tokenized assets. Executives of the initiative have confirmed that the project will be launched in January of 2023 with other plans to replicate the project in Colombia and other countries in Central America. We are seeing the emergence of other countries in the crypto world. 


“Developing Africa Group is a UK based Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Commercialization organization, dedicated to the using IPR as a means of developing Africa by creating jobs, trade services and enabling the much-needed development opportunities in Africa.

It seeks to achieve this goal by cultivating an IPR development platform across various sectors that will enable ordinary Africans to discover their IPR, register it and be given access to the international market to commercially exploit their IPR.”

 Visit developingafrica.net


Founded by Silvio Micali, Algorands blockchain provides interoperability and capacity to hand;e high amounts of volume in transactions needed for DeFi implementations to transition into FutureFi. It enables countries around the world to create next gen financial products. 

Visit https://algorand.com


Is a leading blockchain company that provides blockchain based platforms and products for Latin American financial systems. 

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