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Jae Kwon to ‘NewTendermint’ in battle for Cosmos


Ignite is rebranding. In this case, Tendermint will be split into two different entities: Ignite and NewTendermint. 

The company behind the Cosmos ecosystem, Ignite, has announced a split into two entities. Peng Zhong will remain CEO of the new Ignite while Jae Kwon, co-founder of Ignite, will return to the position of CEO of NewTendermint.

Under Kwon’s leadership, NewTendermint will focus on the development of blockchain infrastructure as well as the development of Kwon’s Gno.Land smart contract platform. 

“I see a lack of cohesive vision that’s centered around like, ‘Let’s keep the [Cosmos Hub] minimal, let’s finish Tendermint [Core] according to the original vision, and let’s also explore a better smart contracting platform,’” he stated.“These are all part of core infrastructure still. So that’s what it is. It’s focusing back on core engineering.”

While controversial, Kwon’s return was not a surprise as Zhong admitted, “Jae has been in communication with us about this project for over six months now,” Zhong said. “It’s always been the plan that a portion of the treasury will be maintained by Jae for him to focus on the launch of the Gno protocol, his new version of Tendermint [Core], et cetera.”

Cosmos is a culmination of blockchains that are designed to be compatible with one another. It has gone on to garner some of the bigger block chains like, BNB, Osmosis, and Terra which recently collapsed. 

Kwon plans to connect Gno.Land to Tendermint 2 which he claims is an improved version of the consensus engine launched to power Cosmos. 

While things are looking great for Ignite and NewTendermint, there is still controversy lingering as Zaki Manian resignation from his number 2 position under Kwon came with a now deleted tweet claiming Kwon “has subjected every internal communication channel to religious discrimination, loyalty tests and abusive rants.”

Zhong’s response, while conceding kwon’s difficult workplace habits also came with a sliver of positivity, praising his leadership skills. 

“He has very strong opinions. But, you know, opinions, in other words, is a strong vision. So if you believe in Jae, he’s gonna lead you very far. And as the creator of the Cosmos ecosystem, he’s made something of massive impact,” said Zhong.

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