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Final Update before the Ethereum Merge Confirmed


The Goerli merge will require operators to update their consensus layers as well as execution layers in tandem with one another.

The mainnet merger is one more testnet merger away from its official transition. The development has been filled with multiple fork upgrades and test net mergers over the course of almost 3 years now. 

With development for the Merge beginning in December of 2020, Ethereum’s transition to Proof of Stake has been an arduous one, filled with numerous delays and scrutiny from those in the community. Phase 0 was the initial phase which began with the launch of the Beacon chain. The current Phase 1 was meant to be completed in 2021, but was set back because of numerous delays on the developer end. 

Ethereum’s lead developer, Tim Beiko, announced the details of the Goerly merge in a tweet on July 28.

Beginning on August 4th, the testnet merger will take place over the course of two phases. The Bellatrix upgrade on the consensus layer will be triggered by the epoch height of 112260. The Ethereum PoS network will progress in epochs instead of blocks.

Phase 2, called the Paris phase will consist of the transition of the execution layer from PoW to PoS. With expectations for August 6-12, this will be completed only a week after the phase 1. September 19th is the tentative date set by the devs for the mainnet transition which will complete the transition of the Ethereum platform to PoS. 

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