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Ethereum Ropsten Test Network ready for Merge


Ropsten is set to be Ethereum’s first public test network for the purpose of transitioning from proof of work to proof of stake, as a part of the chain’s Merge. The Merge is expected for launch in August 2022. 

Tim Beiko, Ethereum core dev, shared the news on Twitter last night: “Ethereum’s longest-lived PoW testnet is moving to Proof of Stake! A new beacon chain has been launched today, and The Merge is expected around June 8th on the network.”

Beiko then released a tweet of 9 threads covering the technical aspects of the Merge for miners. He told developers that “basically nothing should change” after the Merge. 

Ropsten’s new Beacon chain will undergo a “Bellatrix” upgrade in order to be compatible with the Merge. This will occur on or around June 2nd. Afterwards the Terminal Total Difficulty value will be set by miners to trigger the transitions. Miners will be able to configure their nodes with the value of the TTD.

Recently, the Ethereum Foundation upped its bug bounty payouts to help in the facilitation of a problem free transition. 

Ropsten is Ethereum’s oldest PoW test work, launched back in 2016. Test Sets are identical versions of the “mainnet”, used by devs to test smart contracts and dApps. Ropsten uses a form of ETH that has no value to run transactions and test the coding environment.  The changes in the testnet do not affect the “mainnet.” This gives developers the ability to test key insights and problems free of consequence. 

Formerly called 2.0, Ethereum’s Merge is a mega upgrade that will fundamentally shift the chain to give a faster, more efficient method of executing transactions. With a predicted reduction in energy consumption of 99.5%, the Merge will be a big step for Ethereum. 

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