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Ethereum (ETH)

Many analysts are claiming that whales will make it much harder for traders to turn BTCs current BTC price of $20,000 to support. 
The US dollar is once again at center stage as the month closes and expiry hangs over Bitcoin.

Ethermine introduces new ETH staking service at 4.43% interest

The largest Ether mining pool, Ethermine is now offering a new service to its members which will allow them to stake their ETH collectively at an interest rate of 4.43% annually.

Ethereum Co-founder thinks the public ‘underrates’ the potential of crypto payments

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin thinks that payments made with cryptocurrencies are a valuable asset to businesses internationally.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance advances in smart contract security

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance published a smart contract security audit which will ensure a consistent level of smart contract security.

A Brazilian brokerage XP Inc Launches Crypto Exchange

A brokerage giant in Brazil, XP Inc is the latest in Brazilian fintech offering crypto trading. Following both Nubank and MercadoLibre, XP Inc has launched its crypto trading platform called XTAGE.

Ethereum whales increased transaction at 2 month high during Goerli merger

Ethereum whales increased transaction at 2 month high during Goerli merger

TVL of Optimism spikes up nearly 300% just in time for Merge

Within only a matter of weeks, the Ethereum scaling solution known as Optimism has broken $1 billion in total value.

Ethereum Co-founder says USDC is a significant decider in the future of contentious ETH hard forks’

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin said that centralized stablecoins like USDC may become “ a significant decision in future contentious hard forks. Among that, he also mention Tether (USDT).

Ethereum L2 solution ‘Optimism’ reaches 300% in only one month

Optimism has gained an increase in an adoption rate of 300% after the Merge upgrade triggers Ethereum’s “Rollup-Centric Roadmap.”

Futures backwardation suggests an ‘airdrop rally’ at 30% during final developments of Merge

Futures backwardation suggests an 'airdrop rally' at 30% during final developments of Merge

Ethereum founder against transferable governance, how did the community respond?

Vitalik Buterin claims that supporting DAOs using transferable governance tokens is contradictory and enables the power hungry.

Final Update before the Ethereum Merge Confirmed

The Goerli merge will require operators to update their consensus layers as well as execution layers in tandem with one another.

The mainnet merger is one more testnet merger away from its official transition. The development has been filled with multiple fork upgrades and test net mergers over the course of almost 3 years now. 

‘Ethereum Killers will fail’ says Freddy Zwanzger of Blockdaemon at EthCC

“All the Ethereum killers from back in the day didn’t succeed, and I don't expect them to succeed at all,” as stated by Ethereum lead at Blockdaemon, Freddy Zwangzer. 

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