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Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum whales increased transaction at 2 month high during Goerli merger
Within only a matter of weeks, the Ethereum scaling solution known as Optimism has broken $1 billion in total value.

Bitcoin price low volatility, may hold thru weekend at $22k level

BTC/USD may see a rise to $30,000 should the daily trend, which indicates higher highs and lows continues, as one trader indicated after BTC is holding its level through the weekend.

BTC to reset at key price $22.8k while metric suggests BTC buying spree

BTC bulls fail to gain market superiority during the week, however buying interest is singing a different tune, giving hope for the near future.

Bitcoin in Up hill struggle for $23.5k during relief from Pelosi Taiwan Trip

The lack of retaliation rom China has emboldened the US stock market as research has found that the market is becoming more “risk-on.”

BTC wholecoiners up by 40k since June Crash

May and June saw a devastating drop in the crypto asset market. However, data has shown now that the events leading to the downfall of many cryptocurrencies has coincided with an increase in wallet addresses with more than one bitcoin.

Bitcoin price nearing $24k to close July, fear sentiment waning into August

Times are looking a bit bright for bitcoin as it approaches the close of July near $24k. The month of July has been a month seemingly of more good than bad in the crypto asset market. 

Bitcoin Bolsters over $22k, Fed votes for 75 basis point rate hike

July 27th saw Bitcoin (BTC) price over $22,000, coming after the US Federal Reserve enacted a major interest rake hike.

Bitcoin in Low $22,000s. Risks greater losses if under 200 W-MA

BTC has slid back down under its 200 week MA causing analysts to brace for further impact for this move away from the desired bullish moment over $22,800. 

Traders hold as week closes in on BTC price

A hold below the BTC’s $23,000 must hold at the week’s close in order for bulls to remain calm. 

Major BTC Outflow from Tesla, BTC Price dives under $23k

BTC has taken a sudden pause on its march towards $24,000 as the media has reported that Tesla sold off 75% of its Bitcoin. Starting...

Bitcoin Price Nearing 200 week critical moving average

The 200 Week moving average has been keeping bulls in check while traders are keeping quiet on early breakthroughs.  July 18 saw the Bitcoin (BTC)...

Market data continues to indicate further fall of BTC

While confidence among traders has proven to be steadfast, there are some key metrics that suggest Bitcoin may continue to drop in value further.  The...

Bitcoin Suffers Worst Month since 2011, Underlying Support Grows

This last June saw BTC perform at its worst since 2011, however there are some indications of underlying support growing stronger over time. Traversing...

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