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Bitcoin (BTC)

Many analysts are claiming that whales will make it much harder for traders to turn BTCs current BTC price of $20,000 to support. 
The US dollar is once again at center stage as the month closes and expiry hangs over Bitcoin.

Salana outperformed Ethereum in Q2 Daily Transactions

The solana blockchain has garnered an increased amount of daily transactions totalling out to more than 40 million, exponentially outperforming Ethereum’s comparatively smaller 1 million daily transactions in April and June, 2022.

BTC price holding at $20k despite US stock major losses

The US stock market is at a total loss of $1.6 trillion equalling out to 4 Bitcoin market caps. Despite this, the BTC price has remained sturdy at near the $20,000 price level.

Bloomberg analyst calls Bitcoin a ‘wild card’, says major rebound is on the way

Mike McGlone, an analyst for Bloomberg said that Bitcoin (BTC) is a ‘wild card’ that is set to for a major rebound when stocks finally bottom out. 

Bitcoin dives below $19k, data indicates bulls unwilling to add leverage longs

BTC took a dive on September 6th as market data has shown traders skepticism over a quick BTC recovery.

Bitcoin below $20k during Powell speech, regarded as ‘bunch of nothing by community

The Bitcoin price may see another dip under $20k as traders fear, with price targets seemingly set at $16,000.

Bitcoin steady at $20k despite analysts warning of ‘more deleveragin’ due to BTC open interests

Holding at $20,000 on the day, BTC is trading in the lower spectrum of its 76-day range. Analysts are weary of actions by the Fed.

Bitcoin price nearing $20.4k after a week of decline

It seems that Bitcoin began gaining on August 29th, at the beginning of the Wall Street Open. Nearing 20,400 on the day, BTC is now regaining some last ground, sparking debate over a short squeeze soon to come.

BTC Whales combat sellers at $22.3k amid disparity of Euro and USD

Bitcoin is in an uphill battle seemingly as it struggles to make its return despite uncertainty in European commodities driving the euro below parity with USD.

Bitcoin hold supply highest since 2021 amid 5 year BTC hold record

Much of the BTC supply is being kept in the wallets of those who own less or more than one BTC driving up the new 5-year hold record. 

Ethereum Foundation says Merge will not reduce gas fees

Expected to reduce the network’s energy consumption by 99.5%, the Merge is one of the most highly anticipated upgrades. However, news from the Ethereum Foundation says that the upgrade will not reduce transaction costs.

Bitcoin pulling up to major resistance at $24.5k, looming concerns of retracement imminent

Bitcoin (BTC) has seemingly met it matched at a resistance range on the day while concerns over a retracement are growing. 

Bitcoin hits multiday low, stocks signaling overbought conditions.

US equities is faced with major resistance, bringing with it its own problems for crypto as the two biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have lost $24,000 and $2,000 on the day respectively.

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