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Cardano dev consolidates community on Vasil delay suspicions


A tweet from one of the users had speculated that the Vasil upgrade on the Cardano platform’s main net will not actually happen until after the month of July. 

The speculation for the twitter user sparked a response from KtorZ, one of the Cardano Developers. 

KtorZ is the technical director of open source development in the Cardano Foundation. In his response he say the node, ledger, network, and consensus bits seem stable.

He also noted that whatever issues were reported have not been impactful. “ “Most of the bugs reported here concern the ‘Cardano-CLI,’ which is ‘just’ the command-line utility and the Haskell high-level interface. We should perhaps consider taking the ‘Cardano-CLI’ out in its own repository. That’s a separate development stream after all.”

IOHK, Cardano’s parent company, reported a delay in sending the hard fork update proposal to the testnet in June, claiming additional time for testing was required for a series of “non-severe” bugs. 

July 3rd, however, marked the introduction of the hard fork upgrade on the Cardano test net. And as a result thus far, the Cardano mainnet hard fork is set for the last week of July according to the IOHK.

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