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Can You Succeed With Trending Altcoins: Cosmos, EOS and CashFi


Cosmos (ATOM) and EOS (EOS) have both undergone increased user adoption and attractive return opportunities. 

CashFi, a brand new crypto currency began its presale phase and many are anticipating a quick climb following its introduction on crypto exchanges. 

Cosmos, introduced in 2017, was created in a sense of urgency over the industry’s fragmented nature and environmental challenges. Cosmos combated this with COSMOS HUB, the main blockchain which is designed to be an ecosystem of interconnected blockchains. 

Cosmos offers a greener option with its token, ATOM, using a proof of stake process. Cosmos has a goal of becoming a contender with many of the bigger cryptocurrencies out there like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Cosmos is working to implement interchain security, which will allow devs to build blockchains using the same validator from COSMOS HUB.

Cosmos is expected to have some big gains due to its moves toward strengthened security over multiple chains.

EOS and Eosia are two related blockchain technologies that facilitate dApps. EOS and EOSIO are a part of web 3 efforts to shift feathers and functions of computers onto blockchain networks. 

EOS is the blockchain platform and is also the name of its native coin. EOSIO  is a platform that supports EOS as well as other blockchain networks. EOS offers tokens used to acquire the necessary computer power to process decentralized apps on the EOSIO platform.

Demand for dApps has increased in recent months, and it is looking like EOS will be at the forefront of future developments heading into web3. 

CashFi (CFI) is a decentralized system that has gained a reputation for its great services in liquid staking, NFTs and synthetic assets. It focuses on supplying liquidity to DEXs and lending. 

When financial markets are on the decline, investors find it difficult to find a safe place for their investments. Commodities have usually  functioned as inflation hedges, taking away the effects of the pressures of inflation. 

CashFi  entered the commodities market with CFI synths, giving its customers access to a wide variety of liquid commodity loan tools. 

CashFi also knows the advantages of NFTS due to their increasing popularity. CashFi plans on building CFI NFTs and offer an interoperable NFT marketplace for assistance in the expansion of the sector. 

These crypto currency protocols have the potential to change the scope of the sector, with long term investors coming to these digital assets based on their potential and future development.

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